Wednesday, June 25, 2003

[S]UPERSTAR HEALTH INSURANCE: For those living in Germany, by now you've heard of the reality-TV show "Germany's Searching for a Superstar." I'm not as hip as I sometimes seem, and this show really only came to light for me a couple weeks ago.

Here's the premise, as I understand it (not having ever seen an episode): A bunch of contestants are competing on television, over a span of months, to become Germany's next "superstar." Singing, I think, is the key category.

At the end of each episode, a Non-Superstar is voted out of the competition.

Anyway, Bildzeitung is reporting that one of the Superstars-Still-To-Be had breast implants. No big news really, except that she says Germany's health insurance paid for it. This, my friends, is the highly touted German Krankenkasse.

In the article, a German plastic surgeon explained:

The Krankenkassen only pay for such operations if there is a medical necessity. For example, if a woman severely suffers mentally from breasts that are too small.
Apparently, since this poor woman found her breasts to be a "sickness" and felt that she was "incomplete," we all pay ridiculously high premiums for rather lackluster service.

Remember: In case either your employer or your wife objects, women at the Bildzeitung website don't always have all of their clothes on. The article is here.